Last Night by Leah Cohen

He must be in a lot of pain
to slap her round as hard as that
She wonders what she did to him
And now he’s gone and trashed the flat

The kids are peering through the door
She prays they didn’t see her fall
What are they thinking, little ones
what are they learning. They’re so small

She’s crying now. Her body still
After his big final swing
He’s spitting at her, cursing loud
The neighbours must hear everything

She’s on the floor, curled in a heap
the pain’s so bad, she’s gone all numb
and blood is pouring from her mouth
He leaves the house. Calls it a slum.

The kids don’t move. Their eyes so wide
They’re shaking yes, their fists cling tight
hidden in the dark, as ever, waiting
through the long cold night

Next day, new day. She’s up at dawn
The smell of coffee fills the room
she wakes the kids. He hums a tune
She smiles, Sweeps last night with a broom

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