Thirty-One Million People Can’t Be Wrong by Judi Sutherland

I’ve been watching Newsnight with the sound turned down while that smug-faced clown sucks in the oxygen of publicity with every beery breath and even his German wife thinks it’s a bit of a prank that’s gone too far a stag night with more fear and fewer hats and a bar-room full of policies to vote this pleasant land back to the nineteen thirties but let’s not go out to the polling station, coz that celebrity chef programme’s on and I’m tired and what we do well in this nation is moderation we’ll just keep calm and carry on up the fascism because all that it takes all that it takes my friend for hate to be elected into office is for thirty one million good women and men to sit back at home and vote nothing

(Judi Sutherland lives in County Durham and is the proprietor of The Stare’s Nest – a website for poems about politics, social justice, and a more hopeful world: )

One thought on “Thirty-One Million People Can’t Be Wrong by Judi Sutherland

  1. Ain’t it the truth! Getting people to vote (for what might pass as a Left) is going to be the big campaigning priority for 2015, i think. This is a good wakeup call …


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