Piscean Fantasy – a poem of 7 letter words by Tim King

Vatican  scandal
Jungian  imagery
Piscean  fantasy…

Octopus  gliding  through  aquatic  forests
Inkjets  conceal  mystery  gardens
Mermaid  nursery, wherein  fantail  sisters
Worship  obscure  ancient  halibut  Matilda

Merfolk  rituals  confirm
Matilda  primary, initial  mermaid
Flatter  halibut  protest
Breasty  Matilda  idiotic  fantasy
Genetic  anomaly
Maximum: fifteen  percent  genuine  halibut
Perhaps: fifteen  percent  pollack
Minimum: seventy  percent  sensual  singing  hominid
Similar  Britney, Beyoncé, Whitney  Houston,
Madonna, Madonna, Madonna
(Halibut  algebra  weirdly  precise)

Octopus  ignores  jealous  protest
Nightly  chooses  willing  partner
Escorts  through  seaweed  avenues
Towards  private  nesting  chamber

Octopus  tickles  mermaid  giggles
Tickles  giggles  embrace

Lightly  rubbing  bubbles  forming
Tickles  giggles  embrace

Rubbing  foaming
Foaming  moaning
Moaning  moaning
Squelch  squelch  squelch

Spasmic  muscles  tighten
Octopus  screams “cheerio  suckers!”
Injects  magical  mergold  protein
Propels  himself  upwards  towards  surface
Mermaid  dynasty  assured

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