A Sinkhole Opens Up In London by Marc Woodward

Whoompf!  Ta dum!!
Gone like that!  Hole in one!
Intent on having fun
Lucifer went shopping:
found himself a bargain bin
of greed, self interest and sin.
With a Mephistophelic  whoop
and a metaphorical scoop,
he opened up the ground around
and Parliament fell right on down.Ad men, bad men,
MPs, lobbyists,
the whole damned
sordid lot of them,
all begging on their knees.
And then for a little twist
he also took – despite their pleas –
the shagging Under Secretaries.

Lack of Government
could have meant
chaotic anarchy:
behaviour most depraved.

In fact people were just fine
as they took it for a sign
that, after all, there IS a God
– and every one of them behaved!

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