The Selfish Ones by Jodie Rose McLoughlin

It’s always our fault –
The selfish ones.
The thoughtless ones.
Who dare to be ill.

Gotta keep ’em all happy.
Your smiling responsibility.
Because a women’s work is never done.

Domestic goodness, lover, cook.
Even if not a Mother.
always the one who must put up.

Shut up
Now be a good girl.
“Be MY good girl and stop with the constant –

Can’t take them any more.
Close yourself down.
As he opens up his newspaper.
Silent screams aloud.

No fists
Only verbal
Punches and kicks.
Aim that arrow nice and high.

Piercing hearts with sad and withering looks.
Don’t forget
to remember
not to cry.

That is weakness
Behave ‘like an adult’ and keep it to yourself.

The temperamental ones.
Who cannot always play nice.
Steady and normal every day.
When you’re running,
shaking with fear.
Mind that your fear doesn’t drive them all away.

come to pass.
Same as it’s always been.
Here is a question for the mind that’s too far gone..

“You aren’t a child anymore.
Yet you do like to throw your toys out of the pram,
Don’t you,
believe that illness defines you?
Oh mean,
Selfish one?”

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