The Sunday news by Donna Snyder


From the Associated Press:
Dolphins found shot, slashed, stabbed, and missing jaws.
Mutilations and other injuries recorded in recent months.
One found dead near Gaultier had a hole made by a 9 mm bullet.
Scientists who study marine mammals report four recent strandings
and on a recent Friday, another dolphin dead on Deer Island,
a piece of his jaw removed.

This just in:
Nietzsche was right about God,
and I am left alone in an incomprehensible world.
Sentient creatures who might have the answer I seek
die bleeding peace into a dirtied ocean,
its waters fouled with despair that cannot be scrubbed clean.
Dateline Damascus:
Children and journalists mutilated and killed by bombs,
blown into the meaningless abyss of a zero sum game.
They failed to learn the rules of play.

In other news:
People shot, slashed, stabbed—
an endless litany of horror born of greed for capital or power.

Next up, commentary:
Nothingness lurks behind images and words.


The tears of God fall brittle upon the fat of my cheeks
as from a frozen deity,
stripped of omniscience,
denuded of omnipotence,
omnipresent no more.
An arrowless quiver, the body unflung at its mark,
and I wait for the somethingness
born of the limbs of the mother of all gods.
She whose breast will protect me.
She who will take me into her brown arms and cover me
with a blanket of green
floating in a nearly endless blue,
spinning through the infinite dark.

Published in Poemas ante el Catafalco:  Grief and Renewal (Chimbarazu Press:  New York, New York 2014)

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