thigh deep by Mandy MacDonald



green green green

green rain washing green leaves

thousand times washed leaves reel

under the kisses of importunate rain



we are always washing

gotta clean it up

the dirty wound

your wound


on the bus in the bar in the bedroom

you wound me…………….your blunt and rusty

edges dig into me

these wounds you leave will turn yellow

and purple, look

how i am bruised


you help me up the kerb &

drop me in the shit

you pull me down beside you

pull me

down in the shit

down writhing


to your music

pa pa chím pa pa chím pa pa chá cha chím

in the shit

help me up

help me up

help me

yellow and purple

& livid crusted resentment is what is to be healed here


wash it & wash it &

dry it in the sun

that will help

but i am tired of help

the helping hand

the guiding hand

the hand under our elbows



round our waists



holding & steering & pushing

& pulling

                & slapping

i am tired of your hands

and i am tired of your music

pa pa chím pa pa chím

your sly guitars and amorcita


guapa guapa guapa*

sounds like slapping

you are fucking us every minute of the day

red red red

is the colour of the blood of the seven virgin whores

blue silk & white muslin

for the dresses of the seven virgin whores

whose blood i prescribe

for your condition

should clear it up

in a jiffy


red as blood

red as rage


what’s that you say?

am i all right? not really, no


yes, i am angry

yes, i am very very angry

thank you

in spite of the shit thigh deep

i can climb this mountain quite well by myself

thank you

in the shit and very angry


* Amorcita (sweetheart), palomita (little dove), guapa (pretty, cute) are piropos, the kind of sly endearments men in Latin America whisper into the ears of women as they pass by.

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