Care System by Sue Hardy-Dawson

She was born missing it
having stayed flat
hugging the silent
natal water, warm
dark planet organs
their screams muffled.

Yet she cannot keep
from light forever.
Outside the world
has a line for a mouth.

She feels this
her wrongness
in others eyes

in the margarine months
of torn uniform
where once she kept a daisy
like a thief.

Smiles, she wonders if
they are only in books

then one day
a man gives her something
he calls it a kiss.
it hurts more than life.

But when the child comes
she hopes it will love her
whatever that is

Sue Hardy-Dawson is a children’s poet and illustrator, who has appeared in many anthologies. She is dyslexic and enjoys working with young people of all abilities to help them unlock their creativity. 

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