Give ‘Em Enough Rope by Des Mannay

Out of the mouths of babes
Into the minds of morons
Why should her words of praise
Be taken as a come on

Why can’t she dress just to please herself
Rather than desperate you?
You’re an empty wasted shell
Who should be locked up in a zoo

Why can’t you admire the form
Without trying to fuck the contents?
Don’t think your bravado storm
Will hide your impotence

Why should she lock herself away
Just to save your stupid pride?
Only free to roam at day
Till the pillow where she cried

How come your behaviour is allowed
Whilst she becomes the victim
Let her voice rise and shout aloud
Of the pain you are inflicting

Put yourself in the woman’s place
And turn around and then
Find yourself staring face to face
At yourself in the lion’s den.

Then senile old judge
Will say that she deserves it
With nods and winks and then a nudge
And justice once again perverted

If you think kitchen, child and home
Is woman’s only station
Then you’ll sink just like a stone
And set the stage for your own castration

You can find Des at

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