After Party Pro-tip by Sarah Frances Moran

Some people waste
a lot of time
with Jesus’ name in their mouth

I’d be offended
if folks were constantly hating on people
in the name of Sarah

Especially when my doctrine
is so blatantly based on love

1 Corinthians 13

Is it reading comprehension failure
or oblivious blind following?

Either way,
I have an After Party pro-tip.

keeping the man who you believe to be
the son of God’s name
from spewing from your mouth
as you declare your detest of different types of people,
might be wise.

When you drive up to the gates.
Knock on that door.
Ready to throw down and chill with the almighty
of this all

The reception you receive
might shock you.

You might find
The party doesn’t include you.
The refreshments warm
and the bumping radio stagnant.

You might find
that Jesus doesn’t
have a beer
shoot tequila
dance or karaoke
with fear feeders

You might find
That the effect of your detestation
Has left you…


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