You’re never alone with a loan by Des Mannay

I wish I won the lottery
I haven’t done it yet
It’s the only way I’ve got to be
Free of loans and debt

The electric metre has a key
The TV licence a card
I top the things up gingerly
Coz budgeting is hard

Debts I can’t pay get set aside
Against my bloody home
Can’t pay the mortgage – though I’ve tried
So I’m in the danger zone

The interest keeps growing
On the various debts I owe
And the bastards keep on moaning
I confront bailiffs toe to toe

They charge me for the letters
They keep sending in the post;
Printing money without fetters –
Moving up my debt goalposts

Ran out of cash completely
Got a loan before payday
They dealt with it quite neatly –
But my payday’s turned to ‘mayday’

There’s no longer any slack
To carry out repairs
My home looks like a dosser’s shack
I slip into despair

I find it difficult to sleep
I creep around the house
When the door knocks, or the phone goes ‘bleep!’
I’m quiet as a mouse

I’m supposed to be the breadwinner
Supposed to pay the bills
These are the thoughts that linger
They wear me down – it kills

Should I try to front it out,
Or file for bankruptcy?
I can’t seem to turn this shit around
The bastards ‘own’ a part of me

I’d like to post the fucking key
Back through my own front door
And disappear eternally
And not look back no more

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