bloodstory #10 by Jenuine Poetess

–for Kakenya Ntaiya

she traded blood
for education

she allowed them to cut her
to mutilate her
she sacrificed her body
to give life to her mind

“I went before the woman
and opened my legs
Another woman came
she had with her a knife
She took my clitoris
and cut it off. 

I bled
and bled
and bled
so much blood. 

I fainted”

she traded her body’s wholeness
for the fullest becoming of her

her education
ignited a burning consciousness
she came into a radiant new light
of knowledge

empowered with tools
she returned home

not because of
promises made to the men
from whom she bought her freedom
with her blood

but fueled by new vows
sworn to the next generation
of Maasai womyn
to her littler sisters
ones yet uncut

she bled
so that countless girls after
would never have to know
the horror
the shame
the loss
the physical agony
of female genital mutilation

her blood
built a school
her blood
opens girls’ minds
her blood
gives life to Hope
her blood
shatters shackles
her blood
turns nightmares into dreams
her blood
transformed a nation

Jenuine Poetess has been poeming her way throughout Los Angeles and Central Texas for over 7 years.  She is the founder of, In the Words of Womyn (ITWOW), an international grass-roots project empowering womyn writers of all ages, languages, styles, levels, and genres to practice, explore, and discuss written and spoken-word arts.  ITWOW has been giving sound to our story and volume to our voice in California, Texas, and Lebanon since 2010.  In 2013 Jenuine founded Waco Poets Society which hosts various open mic and written & spoken-word arts programs throughout the community.  Most recently, together with a number of other artists across a myriad of disciplines who are all creating and residing in the Heart of Texas, she co-founded the Central Texas Artist Collective.

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