Not Again by Paula Dawn Lietz

You snarled I love you.
All I heard was the crack
Of the slap as I sank to my knees
Moaning, “God no, not again please.”
I cannot grasp this fine line
of emotional and passionate lust
to that of total disgust.
I will not play this game with myself
let alone you.
Kicked like a dog, “come here girl
it will be okay.”
Your love? This is not love,
stripping my esteem, mocking how I write
who I talked to what I wear, how I sound.
Get the FUCK OUT, I am done.
Done with your games your clever ways.
The lies you spew, you rape all you come
in contact with. An empty vessel you are.
How lonely you will be the day you die.
How utterly alone.


Paula Dawn Lietz is an accomplished poet widely published throughout the world. She is as well a skillful multi-genre artist and photographer specializing in digital media. Lietz has garnered an impressive range of credits working with various publishers and authors, and revels in the creative energy generated within the artistic and literary community. She is also Artist in Resident for Writing For Peace.

7 thoughts on “Not Again by Paula Dawn Lietz

  1. So much abuse, whether physical or verbal, in the name of love, mainly life altering. Never to forget the pain. I am who, adult now? Fifty-four not able to let other’s intimacies near me? Oh and how I love so much, so many. Creatures are we. Bringing joy and laughter, I do this because my pain made me sensitive. So much so… so so much… Permission to cry is granted with a promise to also experience joy. Because one cannot appreciate joy’s beauty without knowing some abuse, perhaps. It was verbal for that little boy, who never grew up. Yet, to strive to achieve inner peace one must believe in Self. Be not victim, no not that! Be courageous and you overcome anything. Sometimes tricksters’ try to fool you, so beware. Hopi told me about the trickster. Yes, the indian. To think of suffering for myself is unfair, as my abuse was incomparable to millions of others, in history… Then I really cry with perspective.

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