this work by Jenuine Poetess

i will never know
the depth of the kind of fear
that is deep in the bones
of my black sisters and brothers

i will never presume to know
first hand
the agony they endure
as a result of the injustice
this nation
this society
this system
continues to mete out upon them

i will never fully comprehend
the scope of the privilege
my white skin affords me


i will never stop learning
to be change
to be conscious
to be relentlessly compassionate
to stand up for
and out against oppression
to never stay silent
when i should speak
to use what privilege is mine
to make movements



there is no option
this is the only reasonable response i can muster
anything else
would be a farce
an insult
a hypocrisy

Jenuine Poetess Headshot

Jenuine Poetess has been poeming her way throughout Los Angeles and Central Texas for over 7 years.  She is the founder of, In the Words of Womyn (ITWOW), an international grass-roots project empowering womyn writers of all ages, languages, styles, levels, and genres to practice, explore, and discuss written and spoken-word arts.  ITWOW has been giving sound to our story and volume to our voice in California, Texas, and Lebanon since 2010.  In 2013 Jenuine founded Waco Poets Society which hosts various open mic and written & spoken-word arts programs throughout the community.  Most recently, together with a number of other artists across a myriad of disciplines who are all creating and residing in the Heart of Texas, she co-founded the Central Texas Artist Collective.

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