Being Beautiful Beings by Frances Smith

Well tonight I am going to put things right; that is why I write to
Right the wrongs for me and you, for us to write new songs for life:
Thus firstly you are Beautiful;     Beautiful;      we are Beautiful:
To be beautiful we have be:     To share our humanity –
Beautiful in life forming words for expression of our souls;
The joys deep inside; the hurts deep inside; where
Serpent snakes sneakily gnawed the fruits of love; cobras rising, spitting
Venomous hate killing golden hearts of blind and innocent children
Feeling their way to light.
The darkness is but is not right; it will stop you sleeping in the night, the
Darkness of worrying thoughts of the things which bring the darkness;
Darkness like a cloak of no joy.     No joy. No joy. Does that annoy? Annoy the
You who is beautiful, your light and beauty robbed by the dark of the
Intrusions to your soul, the intrusion to your unborn children,
The intrusion of a spitting snake in a child’s hand, a daughter, an alter boy
Who has been just a toy for the priests of deception showing darkness not light,
Doing wrongs not right,  from the beginning of time until revelation  time.
You see the God particle is farcical without an article for love; we need a
Revelation revolution to lighten the darkicle raven where there is no dove.
It is only when the dove gets lost that we turn to frost frozen in time
Brittle cracked ice that is not nice enticed by falling short of love for
Just an orgasm;. just an orgasm. just an orgasm:  well we are a whole lot more than an
Orgasm – we are an organism of  cells and water and proteins which can  play notes so
Beautiful we can fly; we can fly to the very plains of heaven in our souls, in our minds joy of
Love fulfilled through sweet music , play on Apollo, if music be the food of
Love play on as said William Shakespeare, play on the music and just be;
Here it is heavenly: To be or not to be –  love? – Where we are not being – when we are
Not present, not here, we are in fear,  not love, in worry, not dove, is when we are not being Love
We can all be beautiful beings.

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