what love is by Darius Molark

there be good and cool
christians too look
at me i am one with my
muslim and hindu brothers
we be spilling spiritual
gold sometimes not though
i be caught in dreams
deep unimaginable sisters
too and i don’t know
what i got ignore
this willowing of the
peak get coal dust queen
victoria that why your
children so black africkaner
you got diamonds down there
send skinny black men
months away from they families
hanging naked on a
rope in a deep cavern
the reason is always
extant and you must put
the book back then on
the library shelf coded by
google to be lifted with
one finger from my keyboard
wait perhaps look there
is the door you may leave
now i need you know more
that is what then love

look about you there is nothing left
even sky eagle says good-bye
stones are thrown, whispers crept
boxes are hurled with blackened remains
the season stalled next to
your coffeecup sitting at the cafe
she does not look across
paintings withered on the wall
leave scarred unrecoverable melodies

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