Love is by Carolyn O’Connell

Love is quiet
breathing gasps of lovers
passion spent.

Love is gentle
with arms outstretched to comfort those
whom life breaks.

Love is kind
it eases hurt with a smile
lest damage break the glass of life.

Love is true
caring for the loved before itself
silent lest the planets halt.

Carolyn O’Connell works with Richmond Libraries to promote poetry and has lead workshops, hosted at The Tea Box in Richmond and been a Guest Read at Rhythm & Muse. 
Having worked on the poetry pRO project her poems have been translated into Romanian and broadcast on Romania radio via the Translation Café of the University of Bucharest. 
Her work has been published in America where she has collaborated with the author/poet Paul Morabito in the production of Mirrored Voices: Emerging Poets Anthology (ISBN13: 978-1-5077107-1-5) published by Star Investment Strategies LLC which seeks to promote unrecognised poets from accros the world. The first edition was published in January 2015 and is available both as print and e-book. 
Her first collection, Timelines, is published by Indigo Dreams (2014, ISBN 978-1-9093575-3-2) and is also available at Ham House National Trust Bookshop

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