News Child by Carolyn O’Connell

Child of war flickering across my mind
you have no nation, no colour, and no home.
Your empty eyes, tangled limbs
lie among the empty shells,
lit by unyielding flashes
intruding helpless on your pain.

Life tracks from your wrenched body
moon-scarred by famine’s caustic whip,
your mind decanted by others wiles.
We stand apart afraid to offer comfort.
Reluctant to remember or forget
lest you infect us with a violet spore,

Causing our men to die, our children starve
absolved by aid.

Could we be bold, give you family
bind ourselves your wounds,
share ourselves our bread,
hope would bring peace
your rebirth a child of love.

First published in The Poet Tree 2002

One thought on “News Child by Carolyn O’Connell

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