Surrender by Frances Smith

Syrian girl

To Adi Hudea

I think I recognise  something in your eyes

I  see your face showing love lost somewhere far away in another world like on theTitanic

I see eyes beyond your years that should be
Twinkling bright and resonating trust

I see arms that could be raised in the excitement of a  roller coaster ride; screaming with delights from man made fear without death;
without war;   in a parallel world

I see arms that need to reach out and embrace
and a mouth that should
Not be falling into gravity

I see eyes deep with the feelings of fighting men;
Deep brown saucers;  I wonder if they have seen how Orinoco cares for his planet?
How he clears the rubbish garbage out;
Is there any chicken soup for your soul from the soup  dragon?

Childhood killed; Whatever lens; However viewed

No doves cooing whole spirits whispering
whole food that allows innocence to shine

Let the river of healing flow to make its water mark on Adi Hudea so one day she can smile a smile that melts those chocolate button eyes with love.

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