well maybe… by Darius Molark

there’s a sweltering heat beyond me
i don’t know what it means

no i don’t have no license
no i don’t have no insurance
no it’s not my car

do you know what it means
do you know do you

well i got some folks left

they down south

no it’s not my car

what are we going to do

what are we going to do

i heard the shots down in south
carolina they were lonely shots
terribly against the
clear blue sea
rivers of red flowing

but that’s not unlike the
clear blue sea folks
be swimming together
each other the
clear blue sea
the clear blue sea

i got all those things if you bury me

deep looking for gold in south africa
shadow following you in chicago
in south

i got these drugs i got to do
one is for my headache you know
like in a different part of the brain
the front lobal part then that’s
where i got to take this and then
the back different part and the
medulla oblongata i got that covered
with a different drug excuse me i
won’t even brother you while you
go to the bathroom and this one is
for discomfort it makes me mad i got
to do all these things this job this
you know this life this living thing
what yall get from it i know it a
child or two to last you and continue
keep on shoots well that’s what you got
to do continue the string be a part of
it all the time i be worrying if i
going to make a dime
we be knowing this insane

i don’t understand it some people got to die

somebody knows the truth

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