Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by Nick Gibbs

I catch a glimpse of shapely knee
Reflected in my screen,
Then there’s the grin as she leans in
– To pinch the staple gun apparently,
At least that’s what the others think,
Or rather what I hope they think.

She returns to her seat,
Spins it with a creak,
And those legs, those long strong legs,
Hook beneath and lean her back;
She know what she’s doing,
And I know she knows what all this will lead to
If she doesn’t stop it soon.

It’s not pc,
She works for me,
At least she does technically,
In her capacity as a junior employee,
And me as her senior,
But I just can’t stop seeing her…

Oh I’ve tried to put her off,
Tried to blow her out,
Steering clear of the coffee room,
When I know she’s about,
But it’s never enough,
And whatever I do,
She’s there all day,
A beast on heat
With long red hair,
Wearing it up,
Wearing me down
Its hardly fair,
Having to put up with these
Feminine wiles in a confined space,
Very, very dangerous,
For this spark to jump between work stations,
A clear violation of fire regulations,
But there’s little I can do:

My crocodile hind brain
Drives me insane, sometimes,
It fires me with wild raging lusts
I can barely control,
But control them I must,
At least until after
The annual spending review,
When at last
I might be able to
Rationalise our relationship…

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