Consistency is a Virtue by Jay J. Bardsley

Should I care to commit such heinous acts
As stabbing a person in the face,
But commit these crimes on distant shores,
Or even maybe outer space,
Would location really matter much? One tiny little moral jot?
So are wannabe-jihadis
ALL deserving now of ALL they’ve got?

Bemoaning Syrian internet
They whine at their naive mistakes,
But few here sympathise
With poor choices
BLACK gang members make!
When Afro-Caribbean boys
Are jailed for using Hackney knives
Perhaps some seem too eager to
Condemn mugshots and generalise.

But their fate’s sealed by pressure too
And therein lies a greater sin:
Why rules for one and not the other
Just cus girls claim that they’re Muslims?
Surely, if you want to marry killers
Or to play the killing game,
Then you’re a threat,
Wherever you are
No matter your skin
In any God’s name?

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