The Music Box by Dixie Rhodes

When they told me that my husband..
Had stolen the innocence of my baby girl…
My first born, my cherub child..
With dimples and golden curls !

I watched our marriage crumble into dust-
Your vows of love and caring were
things that I should’ve never given trust.

My careful construction of a cozy home-
Was lost the day I left her with you–
All alone – my job a reason.. for you to
enact such treason against we two.

Her eyes were the color of the sky…
With strawberry-golden curls on her head.
She was so very pretty – Was that why?
The “other woman” was my child, instead?

They took my child away from me as well.
They said that I “did not keep her away from you.”
They even suspected that I “might be a mother– made in hell.”
Perhaps I had “even done some things -too??!”

That night I bought a silver box that wound up with a key–
A pretty little music box ..bought it just for me.
Into the silver box I put in all my tears.
A hundred million tears were there you see.

For many many years without you I would play..
My music box and just sit and begin once more to “feel”.
My therapy group did not know what to say…
As my silent tears began to flow–  so that I could heal.

Because I did not cry for just a while …
I would silent cry for an hour— or maybe two…
My grief at the awful loss  of you –
Hurt them so much that they all got really riled !

They joined up to advocate for little kids like you…
I gave the therapist my music box – in your honor too!

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