Day Nought by Rogan Wolf

We wake to fangs and guilty stares

and a few new

sound-bites for breakfast.

Davie.orc sees true

that five more years

of effing tories

call for a sugary word

or two to sweeten the toad

of his venomous victory.

“Talk ‘fairness’ chaps,” he glows

to his new cabinet.

“Sound all nice again.”

Round the corner, IDS

slides his tongue across his lips

and heads for a door marked

Poor People –

his sack replete

with instruments of hurt.

“Now go to work,” whispers Davie.orc

“All those promises we made

have to be paid

for, gottit ?

Make it neat, ok ?

And discrete, ok ?

But each finely dressed

Tory dinner-guest

needs a return

for his support.

So off you go, dear IDS

and stop at naught.”

2 thoughts on “Day Nought by Rogan Wolf

  1. Thanks for comment. Yes Tories are like Republicans. They tend to trust individual effort more than group effort. They tend to want as small a government as possible, with minimum powers of restraint on the individual, and minimum need to claim taxes. So the individual can keep more for him or herself of what he/she earns. Recent Tories have tended to whittle away at the UK’s welfare state, which is paid for by taxes. The UK’s National Health Service is part of the welfare state. The “IDS” referred to in the poem is a Tory Minister (Ian Duncan-Smith, a millionaire) who has been making radical changes to the UK’s system of welfare benefits (paid for by taxes) relied on by people on low income or with a disability or out of work. The system is now much more punitive and conditional.

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