My Tusks Look Better on Me by Frances Smith

I am a heritage animal, living life simply as I always have done
Living in harmony with my naturally harsh environment around me
I do no harm to others, unless provoked or attacked
Unless YOU threaten me or my family
I will defend my family
What civilized being would not?
My family are beautiful and emotionally caring
I will defend them with my life
We look after each other and look after our children
Calves as you call them.

We live together, we play and share
We protect our kind, we keep our families together
Living, surviving, protecting;
Slowly, steadily, strolling, sprinkling, showering at the
Life sustaining waterhole to soothe our skin from the
Relentless scorching, southern sun.

My tusks look better on me, as do my feet
My trunk won’t cure your ailments or your impotence
Nor my fellow thick skinned Rhino’s horn
Only your own integrity and fidelity makes you strong
Look after your own family to cure your own impotence
To be true men be honourable to raise yourself up with love
To become the best you can be: Mankind, not Manmean.
Who benefits from Manmean?
Man being selfish and self gratifying
Reaping, taking and raping
Manmean only loses his own self worth and
Sacrifices his own emotional cascade of love and fertility.

We cannot fix that for you. Rhino’s horn cannot make you feel good
In your heart and soul, nor my tusks
How can they, how could they?
There’s far more wealth in a world that loves and cares
A world where we all want to live together with respect
Fertility, peace and harmony – but it is
YOUR gift of free will which determines
The world we all share together!
There is so much potential for a beautiful life for all
On this fertile life giving planet.

How can you; choose to use my foot as an umbrella stand?
Your own primate’s hand as an ashtray?
Our tusks for deco or so called medicine.
Why butcher and deface me for your vanity?
My Tusks look better on me!

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