Eyes Open by Jess Davies

The majority of my sexual experiences
have been spent with my eyes; closed,
The telling of which struggles to fit
under sugar spun cages
And so, I decide not to
Because upon closer inspection they will
explicably break

explicitly explain –
exit through, extra information
I might not even be here
by the end of this poem

my ex,
my ex,
my ex

From under his fingernails, let loose
packs of wolves
across the resistant shivers
of my skin,
Whose barks equalled their bites
and left splinters in my thighs,
Rubbed salt into the wounds – preserve those ya know?

For other lovers, who ignore the ‘un’
taste of it all,
Underdone unknowing unsure under
pressure, but sometimes
understand. With space barely
between us to taste the salt.

When permission is given
and eyes can open.

‘React Poetry’ asked if I could perform one of my poems that I felt gave a voice to a world view or cause that I feel strongly about. I chose this piece, which was first performed at Hit the Ode, who are hosting their Hit the Ode – May edition on the 21st. I loved working again with Murdock Ramone Media and and CAGED Arts. It has been great to learn more about ‘React’, which is an O2 Think Big UK supported project that aims to use poetry to develop literary skills in those aged between 15 and 24. This piece has been created and shared with the supportive spoken word community in Birmingham where a diverse range of Poets can share a voice.
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