Friday is Garnets by Debra Webb Roberts

lead in and
bait, tight smile
and a switch

buttoned down

as another week

begins covered in pink,
soft, roundness & opulescence
of pearls – wishing this were
the way it was
(holding our breath)

by Wednesday
the colors more intense
This is the news
of world and home
televised fare, war
and woes, life explodes
leaves untraceable clues

(ferrets out the details for us)

Friday, in merlot drape
and garnet sparkle, world

aflame and we cringe at fires,

know how this goes

(transcends decades – we’ve seen it all before)

Roll call

bloody Fridays

(“here are another five”) 

camera pans out, away

(holding our breath)

Hoping that Monday
brings news  that is
paler, less

(c) Debra Roberts 06052015
*watching Judy Woodruff on Friday night 
wearing a merlot dress and garnet jewelry

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