Downloaded Errors by Marc Arnts

Downloaded errors,
as if it is the way it has always been
part and parcel of the flame
and unintended challenges.
We cling to outdated notions,
and remnants of the past
that seemed more tranquil, rosy even
despite the hardships
our memories have ignored.

We have lost the human touch,
the value of the here and now,
of other views and opposing perspectives
that allow for visions of progress,
no matter what track they take.
It is a chance for renewal,
yet the time to recapture faith
is quickly passing by.

It is a painful challenge –
to open up one’s heart
to that which turns us cold.
We can not relate.
It is a hard truth,
that everyone has a soap box
which raises them to equal footing,
granting no one true advantage.

We all demand respect,
but err in our intention.
Respect is not for taking,
it must be freely given.

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