16 June, 2015 by Helen May Williams

16 June 2015

robin twitters at barn’s mouth
as I go to take pebbles
from under the pile
of disused bulk bags —
I don’t see the nest

we twitch a corner
& there they nestle in a crease
pale precarious eggs

June 17 2015

For five days now hundreds of African migrants have been stranded on the rocks along the coast of Ventimiglia, the Italian border town next to Menton in France.  Euronews.

‘meandered around this
charming old town
perfect to stay in
for Monte Carlo Grand Prix
at Monaco: —
just a gentle
thirty minute train ride
down the Riviera’

‘lovely little bars
hand sewing machines . . .fake bags
hawkers drive you mad
police should really clamp down  —‘
‘beautiful old Italian town’

six days on the rocks
six cases of scabies  —
police remove with force

18 June 2015

fleeing thread-bare pasts
seeking future designs —
history on the rocks

the precariat
clings to lampposts  ducks truncheons —
hands protect their heads

that’s the fourth summer
we’ve disturbed the robins’ nest —
they still confide in us
flit in under my spade
for the juiciest worms

June 19, 2015

Laudato si’, mi’ Signore

the Earth  our home  is
like an immense pile of filth  —
she cries out to us
we forget we too are dust
our bodies her elements

June 20, 2015

on the discovery of a mafia illegal waste disposal site 60 km from Naples

with shovels we found
that the soil was blue or pink —
beneath the surface

Helen May Williams is currently an Associate Fellow in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at The University of Warwick and is completing an edition of memoirs by her late mother, who worked at Bletchley Park and for E.C.I.T.O.



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