Bereft by Maggie Mackay

I am ripples, motionless,
swamped by water, lifted by brother.
I am girl watching home wash
away again, again
Do you have a boat?
You are of no use to me.
I hover over flood
my only loves, our goat
the bracelets of my grandmother
now treasure of the force of nature.
I am homeless in the smoke-grey
of a greedy monsoon dripping disaster.
Bring a boat.
I do not know the whereabouts of the rest

Maggie Mackay, a Scot with wanderlust, a love of jazz and a good malt, has published in All Write Then’s anthology Still Me…(, winner of the Writers’ Circle Anthology Award 2014, and has work in various publications including Open Mouse, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Bare Fiction, The Interpreter’s House ,Obsessed with Pipework and The Lake with work forthcoming in The Screech Owl, Three Drops in a Cauldron and Prole. She is a second year student at Manchester Metropolitan University taking an MA in Poetry, and is a co-editor of Word Bohemia (

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