People Person by Nick Gibbs

Influencing friends and making people
Jump and dance at my behest
This the thing I like the best

This and this and this

This is why
Invariably I
Get out of the right side
Of bed every morning
Dry myself on Egyptian cotton
After my power shower
Apply the skin-cringing
Slap of aftershave
Astringently served
From a premium-looking futurist flask
Curved like a blown-glass thigh
This the expansive porch and the slimline girlfriend
The ever-blinking home alarm system

This and this and all of this

I spot her first
Track her down
Scout her out
Catch her young is optimal
Catch her unawares
Better yet starstruck
She’ll skip to obey
So easy to direct at that age

This and this and here and here 

What’s hers is mine
For now and future times
To the tune of ten percent on net
And forty more on gross

This and this
Unwrapped and shown
And flaunted to her face
Everything she wants the most
Signed in sighs
And paid for with her body 

Yes and yes and yes

The contract stamped at length
Then sampled with unbridled joy
Her party-piece
A secret sullen gift-box
To stir darkness
And lay unmoving
On silken sheets after
Rigid as a board beneath
To leave without a word.

This and this and this
I propel her into her future
Mortgaged before
She can reach it

I’ll sell her well
Brand her hard
Stretch her over years
I’ll keep her at
The top of her game
Keep the money rolling in
Then farm her out
When it’s getting thin

There there
And also this and this
I’ve marked the line
Just sign here.

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