Sousse Massacre by Helen May Williams

Sunday, 28 June 2015

in memoriam of victims of Sousse massacre

bathing in the sea
camels swayed along shoreline —
‘very very calm’ . . .[1]

he was twenty-three
decent break-dancer —
strolling on sand   gun in hand[2]

29 June 2015

10:29:  a tangle of nightmares haunts me this morning

shredded pink scraps in
drawstring muslin bag —
intestines?   humanity?

[1] . An elderly woman from Egwys Gymym remembered the beach at Sousse which had camels on it thirty-five years ago when she visited it.  The gunman was described by eye witnesses as ‘very, very calm’ as he started shooting people lying on sunbeds dead.
[2] A video of the gunman Seifeddine Yacoubi breakdancing was posted on Facebook.

One thought on “Sousse Massacre by Helen May Williams

  1. Reblogged this on helenmaywilliams and commented:
    Reuben Woolley has just published tis on I Am Not a Silent Poet. One thing that motivated the writing was the obscenity of the Facebook video of the gunman breakdancing. Obscene means ‘off stage’ and that is where the horror should remain: not transformed into social media entertainment.

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