Woman With Children by Phibby Venable

In my country there is a war walking
in heavy boots across the land
It is burning, looting, raping the world

that I live in
I am ashamed to say it is nothing to me
I simply watch as my children
watch for openings to play
I cannot care for anything but their peace
In the smoke, the moon believes
the sun has died, and cries at the pale
replica of morning
Stars stare over the edge of Heaven
I am confined to survival and searching
for small cans of wounded food
My husband’s heart was blown to oblivion
and I must love enough for two
My hands have blackened, but not my heart
The water is dirty, but boiled
in the heavy kettle gifted from my mother
I focus on the story of a fine, blue heron
I read of him once in a stolen book
His head rose far above his body
in a sunny sweet breezed world of free breath

3 thoughts on “Woman With Children by Phibby Venable

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