Sahara Blues X by Ajise Vincent

(For Yobe and Jos)

We live in a war zone,
Mars’ solitary confinement,
where demons wearing turbans
perform ablutions
with cooked-blood of cherubs.

Here, adrenaline rushes
at the herald of shrapnels;
sights feed on bloodred corpses. Sadism.

We are now a sod
living under the canopy of grisliness;
a hamlet experiencing hell on earth.

For the mitochondrion of our glory
has been pilfered by bombs
and fear now write epitaphs
on the nudity of our streets.

Help us, please.


Ajise Vincent is a Nigerian Poet. His poem “Song of a Progeny” was a shortlisted poem at the Korea- Nigeria Poetry feast, 2015. His works have been published in London grip magazine, Kalahari Review, Sakonfa literary magazine, African Writer, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Afrikana NG, Poetry Pacific, Commonline Journal, Novel Afrique, Black Boy Review, Tuck Magazine and various anthologies. He is currently finishing up a major in Economics at the University.

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