Beloved Monster by Jodie Rose McLoughlin

I am practically omnipotent
I tell you who to hate
I distort facts and create my own real fiction
As you watch your shows about dancing and cakes.

I am societies hydrocephalic brain.
Swollen and inflated by my own twisted powers.
With influence  greater than any book,
I’ll sell you sculptured manure and tell you they’re flowers.

Blooming in the fields of war.
This Country is full, we can take no more!
Swarms, invaders, masquerades.
Watch their bodies decorate the shore.

We all float you see.
Whatever shade our skin
Facedown in the water
Or looking upwards to the sun.

Look within
Do you really believe all that I tell you?
The stories I weave.
Conditioned not to question.
If it is printed it must be true.

Brought up to believe
in leaders
in celebrities
in others
but rarely in ourselves.

The self-deprecating heart dare not boast.
Ironic how we watch reality TV,
to escape from our own reality.
I am the parasite,
your culture – my host.

Propped up by dynasties of Illuminati families.
Who decide the worlds fate at their hedonistic parties.
Play politicians purse strings like the finest musicians.
Crushing opposition like a hand full of smarties.

Drunk on power.
Intoxicatingly sweet.
Puppeteering outcomes.
Revelling in democracies defeat.

Because drugs are money
Oil is money
Weapons are money
Guns sales are good
(for the economy)  Diamonds are shiny
So is oil
But they all become muddied when they mix with fresh blood.

I create, your views
your fate.
Opinions formed depend on what I choose to reveal.
I tell you who to worship and I tell you who to knock
Off the pedestal and throw under the busses wheels.

Every soul expendable
Once its worth has had its use.
Only money and influence talks,
as they silence historical accounts of abuse.

But hey let’s blame the vulnerable.
A convenient distraction.
We secretly cower in our ivory towers,
in case you rise up, rebel and decide to take action.

Morality counts for nothing.
As consumers just get greedier.
Needy for knowledge, for gossip and information.
I am the 24/7 21st century monster.
I am your media.

2 thoughts on “Beloved Monster by Jodie Rose McLoughlin

  1. Reblogged this on Linton’s Legacy. and commented:
    Beloved monster in some ways reflects the culture bubble of me first. I believe it began with the advent of TV. In The Clock Work Orange, Burgess’s protagonist comments on how television is the ‘dope for the masses.’ and again is paralleled in the lines:

    I am the parasite,
    your culture – my host.

    Propped up by dynasties of Illuminati families.
    Who decide the worlds fate at their hedonistic parties.

    It does seem the bubble has become evermore expansive with technology’s advancement.

    Yet, Tacnology can be used to advance humanitarian issues. And this poem published on the internet does just this.

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