This Vile Humanity by Fritz O’Skennick

Is it racist to hate humanity as a species?
Omnivore, mammalian primates
who hold their worth on a pedestal of hate,
valuing their trinkets and baubles
to greater importance than the lives
of their fellow men…
Skirmishes of invasion and occupation,
fought to justify territorial pissing contests
by those with shinier trinkets and bigger baubles
to acquire and steal resources
not of their native land
in the name of democracy
and freedom of the Western World.

Always striving to find greater
and more painful means
of killing each other,
weapons that can destroy the world
many times over… WHY?
Manufacturing and patenting disease,
creating and oppressing poverty
with propaganda and hate speeches,
that they may fear their betters,
so this elite may sleep better in their beds
as the one percent amass all the wealth
and control the modified food for profit
and the slow death of the underlings,
ignoring the lessons of the past,
poisoning the seas, raping the land,
choking the Earth in toxic dominance…

Greed, lies, hate, fear, war, territoriality, cruelty
and oppression, these are the true traits
and the legacy of this vile humanity…
This is what our histories aspire to,
our heroes are forged in war and baptised in fire,
we didn’t become the dominant species
at the top of the food chain
by embracing truth, justice, compassion,
kindness and sharing, and the irony
that we believe these are the true human traits
is laughable, yet this illusion allows us to sleep…

We oppress for colour, we oppress for gender,
we oppress for sexuality, we oppress for disability,
we oppress for religion and superstitious belief,
we oppress difference, we oppress change
We oppress the lesser species in acts
of cruelty and barbarism,
we oppress the Earth like parasites attacking the host…
We fight our evolution as we make our environment
adapt to us, while other species adapt to it…
It shames me that the stink of this brutal humanity
seeps from my primate pores…

For we are the true Monsters,
We are the Scourge of the Earth,
We are the Destroyers…


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