I am War by Paul Griffiths

I am the blackest of pits.
The darkest of holes.
Destroyer of worlds.
Eater of Souls.

That  micro second before you’re gone.
They call me sweet Oblivion.
I am that instant you feel the pain.
The rules are mine, I own the game.

The path is mine into the void.
All semblance now will be destroyed.
My chalice over runs with pure sorrow.
I steal your joy and leave you hollow.

Hope forlorn without a care.
My touch the coldness of despair.
Made by man, never born.
My game is Chess, mankind my pawns.

Strategy useless the games in spin.
I am the Victor, always win.
Thank the Lord for man’s free will.
Offered Love but goes for the Kill.

Bodies falling can’t count the score.
Fools don’t know what they’re dying for.
For I am War, war is me I can never set you free.
Don’t you mortals, learn from History.

You never learn that’s such a shame.
More Cannon fodder for my Game.
You follow the path, as the ones gone before.
As I paint in your blood, the Art of War.

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