Traitor’s Badge by Jodie Rose McLoughlin

When did the word pacifist become a synonym for traitor?
When did choice become enforced?
When did peace become a dirty word?
Oh get off your high and mighty horse!

Tell me why I’m disrespectful
for not glorifying war?
Worshipping militarily ideals such as service without question?
Refusing to kowtow to principles I abhor?

You say they fought for our freedom
and that’s no doubt what the soldiers thought.
In reality they fought for power, money, drugs and control,
over lands which were not ours to conquer,
for nothing is sacred when allies can be bought.

Those that have a choice,
do they do it for a sovereign, government or Country,
to defend and to protect?
What about the Tommy in the trenches in 1914,
without a choice,
nowhere to run, no escape and given no final respect?

I respect deserters and objectors more than any mindless sacrifice.
Unquestioning, propaganda swallowing,
hollowly following waste of young life.

Widows and mothers solemnly grieved
but at least the objectors stood for what they believed.
Every soul has the right to decide
whether to take up arms,
the elite have their fate and our histories tapestry pre-weaved

But we don’t teach kids about freedom do we?
Only reverence and adherence.
Keep them steeped in glorious conformity
without room for debate or any liberal interference.

The Iraq and Afghan wars were illegal.
The Falklands was about one evil women’s odious ego.
No wars have been necessary since World War Two.
Wherever the US president goes that’s where as a nation we go.

We do as we’re told and we think what’s  acceptable,
follow the majority consensus or prepare to be shot down,
be called a traitor, scum and disloyal,
for daring to be disparaging
about the leaders and the crown.

You will not abuse me until I comply
for surely veterans fought for our right to choose,
whether to wear a symbol or not?
In the game of war all of us lose.

Will not be shamed or blamed or pressured
into buying into something that goes against my beliefs.
For Britain is not great now when lead by right wing quasi-fascists,
who cause ordinary people nothing but poverty, suffering and grief.

Modem versions of imperialism and unnecessary bloodshed
show little respect for those long dead.
Those who fought out of necessity or because they had no choice,
knew no better, were brainwashed,
had no individual voice.

It’s those men I honour
(not modern horrors)
so I wear a white flower on my chest,
to symbolise peace and hope for a better world,
where war is obsolete and humanity is at its best.

You call me naive,
say I need to grow up
just because I don’t condone
those who blow other people up.

It’s the real evil that we should be fighting.
Not innocent people in foreign lands,
there’s no glory in war, absolutely none!
How are we all to salute and pray anyway
when we’ve blown off each other’s hands?

Wear whatever you want as that is your choice.
We won’t be silenced into submission or hide,
away in the darkness,
forever the minority,
I’ll wear my traitor’s badge with pride.

With your knee-jerk reactions you go ballistic,
because I’m not like you, flag waving, nationalistic.
“Educate yourself on our history” you say,
I have dear commenter and what I see, is a Country of past invaders, immoral and sadistic.

No glory in bombs and guns or villagers dead.
So sentence me to treason and chop off my head!
All you would see is more blood and pain,
because there is no glory

in red

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