The Rape of Carthage by Dominic Albanese

all dese guys in robes right
dancin drinkin hooch n actin like
fools OK
Den dis guy what had a
heard o Elephants right>
where da fuck he got dem
is like a big Sherlock mystery
any way
He busts ass over da mountains right
all pissed of talking to him self in Latin
Greek Vandalese and some other
unknown babble scrabble letters
all cold n shit n da Elephants are a fartin
his ass is a smartin
Cartdenum essa deldum …..sort of a long time ago
one bunch of religious hoolagans who wanna
off da other bunch o hoolagans and get girls money
dat good hooch n be all blessed n go to
Valhalla or where it was like where ya went den
any way
some other guy named Bluto
was gettin all et tu Bluto n shit
ya hadda been there to get the straight
but dey been telling dat story since even before
all that “I can not tell a lie I chopped down dat cherry tree”
you know
Mythology old fashion bullshit dat
becomes like good fire wood

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