Strength in Numbers by Deke Dobson

We are all in this together

Solidarity is key,

We must make a stand

If we wanna triumph over our endeavours


Authority’s plucking our tails

Feather by feather,

And it’s hard not to catch pneumonia…

When you’re not adequately dressed,

For the great British weather


Broken Britain

Is full of broken umbrellas,

a country drowning

Except for the corporate fellas


Shares float,

Inflation acts as the propeller,

The powers that be

Constantly steering us into stormy weathers,


This ships sinking

Things ain’t getting better,

Bailout funds,

Fund backhand bungs,


Leaving the tax payer stung

Hung out and wrung

While the fiddlers

Take the money and run,


Stashing loot,

Like a pirate,


Under the sun,


While those at home,

Fight amongst themselves,

For crumbs,

Malnourished and shunned,


Chastised and penalised,

For the state of the country

But it’s the state,

That actually ruined the country


Too many lies

From slippery guys,

How long will we continue

To let them pull the wool over our eyes,


Time to wake up and realise,

MPs are there to serve us,

Elected by the people

For the people,

Means they work for the people,

Not the other way round,


But people in power

Tend to bend it to their own needs,

That’s why the public have suffered

Now for centuries,


Britain ain’t broken

Its depressed

Downtrodden and suppressed,


Noosed necks,

Wish for death,

Rather than pay the governments debts,


The reapers happy to collect,

Business ain’t never been so good,

Since the black plague took effect,


Even bankers bounce of pavements like unsigned cheque’s.

Murder rate climbing,



Poverty rising,

In our civilised society,

Families residing,

To live beyond their needs,


And it’s not a act of greed,

It’s simply

The cost of living comfortably

Is far beyond reach,


An easy life,


When living under the rule,

Of these oxygen thieves,


Staying positive,

Is a grand ole feat,

When your troubles,

Keep you from sleep,


Wishing this mountain,

Wasn’t so steep,

Longing for one nights peace,

Praying the wolves,

Keep from the sheep.

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