Systematic Slavery by Deke Dobson

Systems work,
That’s why they are implemented,
To blanket cover society,
And keep them apprehend,

And bogged down in the trenches,
The struggles relentless,
No mans land is represented,
By those sitting on the fences,

Who witness the horror,
But don’t try to end it,
Some are so brain washed,
They are willing to die to defend it,

Take a life and end it,
Because it doesn’t fit in with their own fairy tale ending,
Brainwashed by the establishment,
Is how rogue psycho’s are invented,

As extremist radicalise,
Governments spin their own lies,
Manipulating the masses,
Causing hatred to rise,

Side effects of living in a system,
Every person for themselves,
People crying out for help,
Buts there’s no one to listen,

No helping hand,
No guidance or wisdom,
Left out in the cold,
Watching and wishing,

The systems designed,
To milk you like cattle,
Cash cows,
Fed to feed the system,,

We live in a civilised society,
Yet we have vulnerable members,
Suffering silently,
Because the systems based on piracy,

We treat prisoners better,
Than we treat the elderly,
The older generations disregarded,
As we evolve technologically,

All that wisdom,
Of years past forgotten,
Simply because someone,
Doesn’t understand the meaning of a .com,

And mental health has never been more rife,
Within our communities,
But instead help and support,
We get labelled as obsolete,

Adhd or some other made up disease,
Prescription drugs and therapy,
Mind the door on your way out,
as you slip further into insanity,

While the peasants,
Run around frantically,
Trying to earn a crust,
For their family,

The working man’s tale
Is one of tragedy,
Happy go lucky,
Always tries his best,

But the systems designed,
To keep the water levels up to your chest,
Working families use food banks,
To keep hunger in check,

And minimum wage,
Tightens nooses round the necks,
Of those forced into government debts,
By the deficit of death,

Homeless are treated with no respect,
Instead of food and warmth,
They are given,
Spikes for beds,

Weighed and measured,
And sentenced to death,
Souls lost,
To life’s zest,

See systems work,
That’s why they’re implemented,
To blanket cover society,
And keep it apprehended,

The world over,
Systems are implemented,
To keep us bogged down,
In the trenches,

No matter the language,
The effects are just the same,
Its all designed,
To haemorrhage our life force away,

The systems always at fault,
But never carries blame,
This is why for centuries,
those in power the world over have suppressed change.


Deke Dobson, founder of the Padded Cell Poetry Movement, author and slam poet, soldier of light, harbinger of hope, and workshop facilitator, who speaks from the heart, with his raw, gritty, honest observational poetry, designed to break down social barriers, question popular opinion and challenge judgemental mentalities, delivered with the force of a proverbial sledgehammer, Deke channels negative energies into verse to make a positive difference.

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