Horseman of Destruction by Carolyn O’Connell

These Janniseries have up-ended their cauldron”s
broken their contract with Islam
sided with Staten rides in his army
beside the angels, fallen from light.

Hung with explosives, brandishing automatics
they slide into unsuspecting cities
cutting down innocent people unminfull
of their race, religion, sex or race,

sitting in cafes,shopping , watching football
or inside venues listening to music;
young or old, rich or poor nobody is spared.

While they glory in violation of cities
culture, women and. children
creating rubble, refugees flying from them

to countries and cities we know and. love.
These Janniseries follow preaching their fables
to callow boys seeking adventure
they fall for the story .

Donning their rament they aspire glory
killing the children of innocent people
Parisians, Spanish, English it doesn’t matter
what their race, religion age , sex or ethnicity

Above us all Allah, God, uncaring of. titles


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