Words in Blood by Jackie Biggs

Sketched with shrapnel, the fragments of his face

are cut with orange and red.

Secrets seep out through skin to tell the truth of this world,

where old conflicts have led.

All life has exploded in the city of light

and he must find a way to get the feeling out,

but before words are found, before he can write,

impressions drift, as smoke from old chimney stacks

beside miles of twisted railway tracks.

Searching for ways to tell the horror of it all,

he is lost among concrete corridors,

where unformed words founder and stall.

His expressions slip, adrift in a dreadful discontent,

and drip with his blood down cracks  in the pavement.

(Paris, November 13th, 2015)

Jackie Biggs is a freelance writer, editor and poet. She has had work published on websites and in magazines and anthologies. Her first collection of poetry, The Spaces in Between was published in September 2015 by Pinewood Press. Some of her poetry (and other work) appears on her blog: http://jackie-news.blogspot.co.uk

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