Friday 13th by Paul Griffiths

This was not a movie with Jason Vorhees.
But hostages begging for their lives down on their knees.
Just out to chill on the town to watch a rock band.
To be met by a terrorist with a rifle in hand.

Cruel and cold hearted, mercy bereft.
Just kept on shooting till no one was left.
As the terror hit the cafes where innocents dine.
They were tasting life for the very last time.

Enjoying a nice meal, everything it seemed fine.
As blood now flows free like a bottle of red wine.
This can’t be right, this isn’t God’s will.
Who pays the price now to cover this bill.

The football is playing, the Stadium cheers.
Two bomb blasts later, soon brings home the fear,
Do you trust the man sitting next to you, the answer is no.
Where can you run too, when there’s no place to go.

Do you move forward do you go back.
When the whole of the city is under attack.
It could be you last ever decision, what do you do.
When you fate lies in the hands of a murderous few.

You can just toss a coin and hope that luck lands with it.
As the hand of terror now tightens it’s grip.
Grabbing your throat in a deadly stranglehold.
But we will not bend, and never will fold.

We will stand up for freedom and liberty.
For what we believe in and the right to be free.
You come here to live, but our countries you hate.
Wanting to live now in a shambolic state.

I don’t understand what you want in an Islamic state.
Why do you leave there to come live in our place.
You are the grown up school bully, who picks on the weak
Even Jesus will tire of turning his cheek.

Now you have pushed it too hard the decision is made.
You asked for this war a modern crusade.
But not Christian against Muslim, or Muslim and Jew.
The War is against terror and now the hunt is for you.

You really believe you can act, and we won’t react.
But if you kick a hornets nest, it will always swarm back.
We know where you are and your power base.
The drones will to coming to bomb the fuck out your place.

As the hawk in the sky, has now killed the dove.
You will live in terror from death from above.
You taught us a lesson in violence and pain.
The gloves are now off, there’s no rules to the game.

Terror begets terror is a terrible cost.
But when you fight against religion, all reason is lost.
If there is a God please then show your hand.
As people are killing and it’s at your command.

You made us in your likeness and gave us free will.
But you gave the commandment Thou shalt not kill.

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