They’re Madmen, Not Muslims by Clive Oseman

Amid the chaos of screams and sirens
confusion reigns.
City of love becomes a Hell of hatred
and the world will never be the same-
indeed many will never be seen again,
lives wasted in an orgy of spite
designed to stir a backlash, make us fight
against decent people of belief,
to justify more sickening deeds
when extremists can claim they’re right,
recruiting more brainwashed fools
to drown in pointless pools of blood.

So many fall into the trap,
turn on Muslims who despise this crap,
insanity that spreads across the map
as they see their faith being hijacked
by the mentally unstable.
Such nightmares cannot be curbed
until we note the absurdity
of following the thoughtless herd,
engage our brains, let decency be heard .

I am an atheist and proud,
will shout out loud that I’m an infidel.
But Muslims, I respect you.
Christians, Hindus, Jews
and all others too.
As individual human beings
I love you till you give me reason not to.

Bigots, racists, xenophobes.
You feed the beast.
Remove the blinkers, take a look at facts
and see the real brutes for what they are
not what you are told by propaganda.
Remember what the Daily Mail said
about European Jews in thirty nine.
They’re playing the same card now in a different suit.

Refugees didn’t commit the horror in France
though some will take the chance to bend the facts
and tell you something else.

If ever Britain faces catastrophe
and you feel the need to flee
you’ll no doubt see it as your right
to take flight anywhere that suits.

Just hope they let you through
not take a quick suspicious look at you
and say you’re not a refugee
but an opportunist killer
looking to carry on Blair’s legacy.

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