Into the Gates of Hell by Jay Tana

somewhere deep in the night my heart drops fast, fleeing out of evident error’ fearing the punishment of a dreadful blast, praying for those that sin,  those that have built, a root mountain down for which have falling himself a punishment,  opposed lost out of true directions,  ignored plunging into plotting against rate sin, ignoring messages, please god save us from  the trail of the grave, from the evil of its people and the evil it contains, ratified swarmed up to hilt,  causing division among others mankind, in mortal fear, in terror of death, descending the opposite of prosperity,  into giving glad tidings, but god us ever around the rejected of faith, in error of madness, on every degree of asscent, ordained dazed at a wonderstruck wondering like the blind ones, lounging for day and night to break, observing the hours in what seems to stand, a prior to its appearance, fighting against depride starvation,  with a slite bitter storm of defeat, I feel arranged outta place, curled in illusive content living, with shallow caves elated, restrained putting the whole world to sleep, in a life we don’t need with pronto killers giving over aggressions under hankers magnetics , and power build greed.

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