Laytonville by Dd. Spungin

Pitbulls are often trained to kill

They suffer

Innocent pups

never taking a bite out of anything

but a morsel of dog food


Pitbulls can be trained to kill

They obey

No chance to make a change

for the better

(not for us)


Evil run amok

Innocent pitbull crazed by what?

Trained to kill

Too late to tame

Victims lie dead


or bleeding

or traumatized

or alone

And the pit-bull

suddenly docile, surrenders


Leaves a bloody trail of evil



Dd. Spungin, a host for several poetry events on Long Island, writes a monthly poem for Brave Hearts (St. Francis Hospital) and has had poems set to music by NY composer, Julie Mandel. Spungin’s work has been published in both online and print journals, most recently Maintenant 9. 

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