Cyberpoem by John Elwyn Kimber

Deep in the bunkers on Mauberley Down,

below ACHQ looming over the town,


in volume-production ( the range is vast ) –

….the CyberPoem, perfected at last.


….To pass at the entrance you follow the rules.

.A screening-procedure for suffering fools,


….the issues at issue, aesthetically-planned,

….subVariant themes of official demand

for a quality-product, controlled at supply –

….no dangerous edges to catch on the eye.


Reduce to a cipher securing your name:

ensuring the message is always the same,


that vault of the mind in unbreakable code;

..protected from taint or overload


and sealed so no-one can hear your screech –

..the standardised form of your freedom-of-speech.

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