A Theological Advance by John Elwyn Kimber

And God said: you’re all foredoomed from bad to worse

                                                              for being born human in my universe.


This Holy Terror lurks in every human curse.


Or: I am your innermost, not set above –

                        the heart-of-hearts in all your human-hearted love.


The sacred charge implied is hard to disprove.


The Isness of the Innermost then opined:

                    Mister Holy Terror, you’re the fiend I find

              in black holes of the god-bedevilled mind.


But God-the-Holy-Terror made reply:

                  You, Sir or Madam, are the reason why
          your pie remains unreachably up in the sky.


And as to which counterclaim is true,

O mutant ape adjusting to a God’s-eye-view –


you are the It that now is up to you.

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