So let us beat a path to the new Garden of Eden by Jonathan Beale

So let us beat a path to the new Garden of Eden

Let us warmly blanket our enemy’s enemy,

And where’s the friend?  Where are they to be found?


So your grandmother will sacrifice her care

Or be charged even more by those she’d worked to feed;

Who, now play another poor opening gambit.


Those who are blessed with schizophrenia, or any

Of those unrestrained un-necessities of Pandora’s

Blackest box. Stuck down while more destruction is made.


How long can we wait before we strike blindly out?

Debate has sparked some of the unholiest of fires

Into the forest’s fires to burn and turn the day black


The worlds selective venom just breeds venom – remember

Baga Nigeria? Do you?  Heraclitus would seal and heal

The wounds and wash away from the memory.


So now, the media speculate and the Politian’s

weave and spin and wheel and deal and grin

and spin and only historia will teach us the truth


if indeed there is any. The newly cut cloth in Eton

and Brasenose dogtooth to tear and tear –

as searching questions get blown away and lost


in the wind.  And so, even in the Garden of Eden there

was a serpent, and still to be found today as the newly

broken country.  So let us beat a path to the new Garden of Eden

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